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   Petite, sweet and full of attitude, Amy IS Ladyboy perfection. Beautiful blue eyes, gorgeous face and full C cup tits, Amy would fool anyone with her swaying hips and amazing body. Amy likes to take turns being in control in the bedroom. Sometimes dominate, dressed in sexy role playing and amazing vinyl fetish outfits. Other times Amy gets off being a submissive sex slave, wearing only skimpy lingerie. Amy LOVES to be held down and fucked HARD. A vast collection of Amy photo sets and videos awaits you inside. Amy is truly a Ladyboy SUPERSTAR. Click here to know her more.
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5'1" (155cm)
WEIGHT: 106lbs (48kg)
COCK: 5 Inches (12cm)
FAVORITE TOY: Beaded Glass
EMAIL: [only for members]
Mobile: [only for members]

   Amy loves to submit to big cocks. It turns Amy on when guys are confident and direct with her. Amy once had a 10 man gangbang and CANíT WAIT to do it again!

Tiny Bikini
While playing outside, Amy slides her yellow bikini to the side to caress and finger her tight Ladyboy butthole.
Sweet Sundress
Ladyboy Amy sides off a cute sundress, revealing tiny white panties and a sexy garter. Amy's sweet cock is now HOT...
Beach Bunny
Sexy and soaking wet, Amy poses for a swimsuit centerfold magazine on the beach. Some great pics as the sun starts...
Ho Ho Ho
Amy sends you warm Holiday wishes.. by teasing her petite Ladyboy body in a skimpy Christmas bikini. Your own...
Military Bikini
Dressed in just a tiny military string bikini, Amy shows off her petite Ladyboy curves outside.
Purple Bikini
Amy innocently looks in your eyes and exposes her perfect Ladyboy titties outside. Quickly opening the bikini top,...
Petite Hard Cock
Petite Amy in a cute set of tiny boyshorts and tit hugging tank top. She slides of the shorts to reveal a hard petite...
Micro Bikini
Amy poses in a sexy wicked weasel bikini. This bikini is so small it barely covers all of Amy's sexy Ladyboy private...
White Lace Gloves
Petite Amy touches her amazing tits and darling cock with white lace gloves.
Ice Pop
Amy licks an ice pop with her warm tongue. She uses the sugary sweet ice to sweeten up her foxy butthole and cock.
Blue Beauty
Beautiful Amy shows her petite Ladyboy body in a TINY shiny blue bikini. Amy pulls side the bottoms to show her...
Sexy Sari
Dressed in her sexy India sari, Ladyboy Amy reveals her cute hidden cock and petite bubble butt.
Ladyboy Princess
Foxy Amy, covered only in sheer colorful fabric, shows her petite hanging balls and beautiful Ladyboy cock.
Classy Ass
Amy lays back on the couch and gently touches her delicate cock and tasty Ladyboy balls.
Golden Cleavage
Amy shows off her blue eyes and foxy titties in a sexy gold outfit. Turning around, Amy displays her perfect ass!
Pink Ladyboy
Amy waits to be ravished on the bed in pink lingerie. She loves having her soft titties and dark nipples bit and...
Purple Pleasure
Dressed in an adorable hat and scarf, Amy slips her large purple dildo deep inside asshole. Her tiny balls sway she...
Soft Mini Skirt
Amy flaunts her petite Ladyboy body in a transparent miniskirt. She strips down and lays ass up, exposing her silky...
Burlesque Babe
Ladyboy Amy displays her classic beauty. Amy lays back, raises her petite legs high and exposes her pretty browneye.
Maid Surprise
Amy just started a new job, but didn't tell the boss about being a Ladyboy. He will find out soon enough!
Black and White: BONUS
A sexy Noir style set of beautiful Amy, exposed in black and white. A sexy and artsy glimpse at the Amy, cast in a...
Anal Cherry
Amy covers her body in whipped cream and cake! For the finale, Amy put a sweet red cherry in her open anus.
Ass to Mouth
Amy deep throats her purple dildo, then fucks her sexy exposed ass. Afterwards Amy tastes her ass off the sex toy.
Black and White
Amy's petite frame packed sexily into a tight black and white vinyl dress.
Dirty Angel
Angelic Amy just arrived from the clouds, ready to show you all her heavenly pleasures.
Office Slut
Amy is sexy business executive ready to seduce an unsuspecting co-worker.
Black Boots
Amy lays back on the bed in her shiny black boots and shows off her petite legs. Lifting her legs HIGH in the air,...
Doorway Derriere
In a softly lighted doorway, Amy displays her sexy ASSets in stocking and heels.
Glass in Ass
Amy sweetly looks at you while spreading her tight asshole. Her glass sex toy rudely enters her tender ass with a Pop!
Hearts and Lace
Amy flashes her perfect Ladyboy butt in sexy hearts lingerie. Spreads her buns wide, Amy shows off the bullseye of...
Yellow Bikini
Amy's skimpy yellow thong bikini barely covers her delicate Ladyboy asshole. Amy slides the bikini down to reveal a...
Wedding Day
Amy dressed in a traditional wedding dress. We hope her husband is ready for the pleasures in store for him on the...
Ladyboy Schoolgirl
Amy, dressed as a sexy schoolgirl, lifts up her short plaid skirt to expose her sexy Ladyboy pleasures. Amy gets so...
Playful Submission
Amy's feeling playful today, lounging in soft white lingerie. She knows her place submitting ass up when you enter...
She Devil
Amy is ready to take control and seduce you as gorgeous red She Devil! If you don't give in to her dark desires, she...
Ritzy Babe
Wearing only a top hat and tie, Amy sexily poses and shows off all of her magical Ladyboy attributes.
Red Flower
Feeling sexy and sultry, Amy shows off every centimeter of her Ladyboy figure on the bed.
Toilet Tart
Kinky Amy is caught in the bathroom after a parade. Amy plays on the toilet and sprays her tight ass with water!
Petite Bikini
Amy just finshed teasing unsuspecting guys at the beach, and now wants to tease you! But only you see her special...
Ocean Bikini
Amy wants to show off her AMAZING body to the world, so she heads to the beach in her pearl white bikini!
Milk Bath
Amy pours white milk all over her petite Ladyboy body. Her tiny cock and receptive ass are deliciously covered in...
Jade Bracelet
Wearing ONLY a jade bracelet, Amy poses and prances around her amazing sex bomb Ladyboy body. Totally naked, just for...


Deep Dildo
Amy fucks her adorable Ladyboy asshole with a purple dildo! With a 'Pop', Amy slowly slips the rubber toy past the...
Outside Stroking
Amy whips a petite cock out of her camoflauge bikini outside! Showing off her many talents, Amy flashes her tits,...
Purple Bikini
Amy strokes her sexy petite cock! Amy's feeling horny, so she slides sexy bikini bottoms aside to toy fucks that...
Naked Gold
Ladyboy Amy poses COMPLETELY NAKED, her small waist adorned with a thick gold belt. Amy wears her shiny hair up,...
Dominating Devil
Amy shows off her dominating side, barking orders to worship her petite latex boots and tight ass. Amy snaps her...
Crashing Waves
At the ocean with crashing waves behind her, Amy reveal every bit of her petite body in a sexy string bikini. Amy's...
Private Performance
Amy holds a private performance, just for you. Amy dances her favorite Indian dance, which she performs at a Sexy...
India Diva
You are in the front row to see Amy perform in a Ladyboy Cabaret show! Amy steals the show performing a dance number...
Glass Seduction
Lounging NAKED on a lazy afternoon, Amy passes the time TRAINING her tight Ladyboy asshole! Her curved glass sex toy...
Finger Pleasures
Amazingly cute, Amy sexily waits for you in a Valentine babydoll. The sheer material shows off her perky Ladyboy...
Slick Asshole
Amy applies slick lotion all over her small Ladyboy body, paying close attention to her glorious sphincter! Amy rubs...
Cum Cleaning
Having JUST cum from having her petite body used as a CUM target, Amy takes a cleansing shower. Amy LOVE to rub the...
Sheer Beauty
Clad in just beautiful sheer fabric, Amy teasing you with her tiny Ladyboy figure. Amy shows off her petite cock and...
Bikini and Glass
Amy sucks on her beaded glass sex toy, lubricating the tip with her saliva. Teasing her tiny Ladyboy body, Amy rubs...
Angel Photo Shoot
Amy is sexy, sassy and in control during the "Dirty Angel" photo shoot. Posing and displaying all of her petite...
Golden Tease
Amy puts on a PRIVATE strip tease just for you. Moving sensuously to the music, Amy slowly slips out of her outfit...
Soaking Slut
As beautiful Amy showers, her soaking wet black hair highlights her gorgeous face! Amy lays her small Ladyboy body...
Anal Ice Pop
Amy wraps her gorgeous dick sucking lips wrap around sweet ice, as her dainty tongue paints the cool shaft! Amy...
Swaying Hips
Dressed in a foxy oversized shirt, Amy performs an incredibly sexy dance! Amy caresses her sweet curves, and those...
Hardcore Anal
Amy sucks and fucks a total stranger! Amy licks and sucks the salty shaft, then lays on the bed with her head down...
Dildo Pleasures
Amy suck on her purple dildo, fantasizing it's a new tasty cock. Amy loves the cock, and closes her eyes and imagines...
Co-worker Cum
Ladyboy Amy drops to her knees and sucks the cock of her unsuspecting co-worker! Amy teases the tip with her darting...
Blowjob Maid
Dress as a cute maid, Amy orally worships her favorite cock, bathing the hot shaft with her pink tongue. Amy doesnít...
Milk Bath
Creamy Milk is poured all over Amy's body! Using her small fingers and milk as a lubricant, Amy fingers her TIGHT...
Pigtail Handjob
Adorable Amy in pigtails gives a helping hand! Topless, wearing only tiny panties, Amy straddles her fuck friend....
Vinyl Stroke
Amy strokes her ERECT Ladyboy cock, until drops of sweet cum leak from the tip. Amy's head tilts back as pleasure...

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